Nick Australia launches content-rich interactive app

Aussie kids can now get their hands on Nick Play, a free app that features hundreds of Nickelodeon videos, original short-form animations and newly created games, as well as full-length episodes of the net's biggest hits.
November 25, 2015

With Viacom Insights studies showing that Australian kids ages six to 12 own and use an average of six devices – more than the global average of 5.2 – Nickelodeon Australia is taking further strides to reach its audience beyond the television set. The company has launched Nick Play in Australia, which represents one of the first global territories to debut the offering as part of Viacom’s Play Plex suite of branded TV apps.

The free iOS and Android app offers up access to hundreds of Nickelodeon videos, original short-form animations and newly created games, as well as full-length episodes of the network’s biggest hits and current top shows via Foxtel subscriber authentication. More specifically, content offerings include 24 full episodes of Nickelodeon’s current hit shows (two episodes available to all users and 22 for Foxtel subscribers), Nickelodeon’s first-ever digital short-form series Welcome to the Wayne and more than 290 short-form videos.

Nick Play will also feature new content every day, which kids can favorite and watch whenever they want. There is also a mystery box element on the homepage designed to include specialized messaging for Nickelodeon highlights and/or sponsored integrated campaigns. And in true Nick spirit, the app will include the popular Do Not Touch button that triggers a mixed bag of disruptive comedy and surprises.

The app will also serve to further Nick’s ongoing emphasis on shorts, and at launch it will feature Australian-produced animated shorts series Supa Phresh (four x three minutes) created by Melbourne-based Darcy Prendergast. The series follows the journey of Tex (a half-dinosaur, half-fish) and his two best friends, Squidula (a vampire squid) and Pug-tank (part dog, part toy tank), who work in a low-rent, bulk-buying supermarket.

Nickelodeon Australia has also exclusively commissioned two Supa Phresh companion games for the app, Coupon Cannon and Suga Rush. The Supa Phresh shorts and games will be available to international Nickelodeon markets as exclusive digital-first content.

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