iKids 2015 unveils full program

Find out everything we have planned for iKids 2015, taking place Thursday, February 26, at the InterContinental Miami.
January 14, 2015

Looking for ways to succeed in the digital media space? Kidscreen has just released the full agenda for its iKids 2015 conference, taking place Thursday, February 26 at the Miami InterContinental, which is also the last day of Kidscreen Summit (February 23 to 26).

The full agenda is now available at ikidsevent.kidscreen.com/2015/agenda.

Featuring a refreshed conference program built around shorter TED-style presentations, the event explores how the latest intersections between mobile, social and web content are transforming the kids entertainment landscape.

The event kicks off with a keynote from renowned game designer and entrepreneur Nicholas Fortugno. In his keynote, “Leveling Up: Getting maximum brand value out of gamification,” he explores how brands can more fully experiment and innovate with games to drive engagement, and work cost-effectively to get the most out their relationships with developers.

Highlights include:

The Great Migration to Mobile
With kids all around the world virtually living on their mobile devices now, our seasoned panel of pros will explore how this shift in digital consumption is challenging the way we design entertainment experiences for kids, sharing their lessons learned about going mobile, and also postulating on what’s in store for us in this critical content stream.

Mythbusting: Five digital assumptions about kids and families that are just plain wrong
The digital space is constantly changing the way today’s kids play, learn and grow. And while it’s a mistake to make light of the important opportunities that digital experiences create―for kids and for brands―it’s critical to check our assumptions with information and insights that come from kids and families themselves. In this presentation, we’ll share the most important digital myths that need busting, and the keys to authentically connecting with this audience.

User Testing Made Easier
In the Learning Games Lab at New Mexico State University, Barbara Chamberlin has developed a methodology for repeatedly testing digital products for kids with little stress and frequent access to users. She’ll share some of these techniques at iKids, and outline processes that can be easily integrated into any team’s development cycle.

Teen Spirit: Insights from a 14-year-old social media mogul
At 11 years old, Zach Marks set out to create his own social network. Financed with a US$2,500 loan from his big brother, Gromsocial has attracted more than 650,000 subscribers in just three short years. Join Zach in a rare one-on-one chat about his lightbulb moment and why he thinks kids are looking for something different in social media. We guarantee you will leave feeling inspired by the next generation of digital kids.

Five Ways VR Will Change Kids Entertainment…Forever
Kids entertainment expert Dubit takes a look at how the new age of virtual reality is poised to change not just games, but all forms of kids media. Dipping into its proprietary research, Dubit will dish on what VR means for animation, gameplay, narrative and live-action formats, and what you can do now to prepare.




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