Lumosity enters kids app space with LumiKids

The brain-training company is expanding with LumiKids, its new line of apps designed to help preschoolers build cognitive, motor and social-emotional skills.
December 8, 2014

Brain-training company Lumosity is making a foray into the kids space with LumiKids, its brand-new line of children’s apps designed to develop cognitive, motor and social-emotional skills.

Aimed at two to fives, the new preschool-geared app line is rooted in developmental science and was created by a team of child development experts. It encompasses a collection of play-based intuitive activities (i.e. no text or voice-over instructions) that adapt to each child’s ability level.

The first app in the series, LumiKids Park, has rolled out on the Apple App Store as a free app for iPads. Set in an interactive park, it helps kids practice core skills by sorting squirmy water critters, feeding flying “nom noms” and playing hide and seek. It also records kids activities and milestones for parental overview.

LumiKids plans to release more apps next year.

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