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The Minecraft toys come rolling in


With a growing number of kids flocking to online, mobile and console block-building game Minecraft, it’s inevitable that more licensing partners will be following suit.

The game’s Swedish developer and publisher Mojang has appointed Jazwares, which currently holds licenses for such brands as Adventure Time, Star Wars, Nicktoons and One Direction, as a global toys and electronics partner for Minecraft. The worldwide deal will see a full line of Minecraft action figures, plush and paper craft items hit major retailers by the holiday season.

The Minecraft suite of games currently spans mobile, console, handheld gaming and PC platforms. The latter version surpassed 10 million sales earlier this month.

In terms of other branded goods, a set of Minecraft kids’ books from publisher Egmont are already set to launch in the UK this fall.

The move for more licensed goods comes as toy-integrated games like Disney Infinity launch with their own elements of Minecraft’s open-ended play model.

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