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Gaming site Roblox dominates comScore Kids Category


New numbers from comScore are speaking volumes about kids’ growing penchant for customizable digital play. User-generated gaming site Roblox has become the number-one destination for kids in the US in terms of daily visitors, total minutes, total page views and average visits.

The user-generated MMO, which allows its users to architect and share gaming worlds, experienced exponential growth in 2012, with players spending more than 176.3 million hours in game play – a 50% increase over 2011. Total page views for the website topped 13.3 billion, marking a 37% increase from 2011.

In terms of marketing, a full 86% of new Roblox users in 2012 came through word of mouth.

The Roblox marketplace, heavily comprised of eight-to 16-year olds, also captures kids’ desire to build and share digital assets. In-game items such as shirts and pants are traded to other members using a virtual currency – known as Robux. In 2012, more than 17.6 billion Robux were exchanged among users, which is equivalent to roughly US$176 million, a number that has increased by 150% since 2011.

The numbers speak to the growing influence of user-created content for both desktop and mobile devices (Roblox released a mobile app for iOS devices in July 2012).

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  • Deven Defontaine

    Woot! Roblox is awesome!

  • Deven Defontaine

    I play Roblox.

  • shaunmckibbens

    i love roblox it is awsome

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  • conley223


  • Ian Brace

    I love ROBLOX is my potion for playing I love it is the best in the world

  • 8chance8

    I believe minecraft and roblox are both good there is no need to fight about it Minecraft dominates roblox in its survival mode but roblox dominates minecraft in its no limit fashion

  • Jordan

    Conquerors ?


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