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Ameba heads to Google TV


In a new deal that expands its on-demand reach across internet-connected devices, Winnipeg, Canada-based kid and parent-targeted video streaming service Ameba is now available on Google TV’s web-connected platform via the Ameba app.

The deal sees Ameba’s ad-free library of shows and videos for kids ages two to 12 now reach more than five million internet-connected devices (for US$3.99 per month), which also includes Roku and LGE Smart TV.

The app, which Google TV users can access for free, is also available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Newly additions to Ameba’s library include WordWorld, Bunny Bop, BusyTown Mysteries, Hunky Dorey’s Ruffus the Dog, A World of Wonders and Ruby Skye P.I.

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