Teletoon stirs promo heat for Stoked

With new eps of Fresh TV's Stoked debuting yesterday on Canada's Teletoon, the net is embarking on a cross-country promo tour for the series this summer.
July 6, 2009

With new eps of Fresh TV’s Stoked debuting yesterday on Canada’s Teletoon, the net is embarking on a cross-country promo tour for the series this summer, with contest trivia quizzes, prizes, branded lounge areas and Stoked surfboard simulators featuring sponsor background imagery.

Teletoon’s ‘Get Stoked’ tour, which includes 10 national stops, has video game maker Ubisoft joining in on the fun this year. The brand is giving gamers a chance to explore the latest Petz and Imagine titles in the Ubisoft tent, and gamers can also take on challengers in Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party at the Stoked trailer.

Would-be tween surfers also have the choice of one of four Ubisoft backgrounds on the Stoked surfboard simulator, a low-level surfboard for kids set up against a green screen, where they can have their pictures superimposed on either a Stoked, Ubisoft or Game Galaxy background.

Bell TV is returning on the tour this year with a Game Galaxy game in the Surf Shack. Bell is also offering a branded Pause Area where families can take a break while watching Teletoon shows on the Bell PVR.

Both Ubisoft and Game Galaxy also have a special promo page on the Stoked microsite, where viewers can preview Stoked eps. (Eps one and two are already available for streaming, and new ones are going online every Thursday, four days before the ep airs on Teletoon.) The Teletoon site has also been branded with Stoked and beach imagery to push traffic to the show’s microsite, with branded summer games, wallpaper, icons and a Stoked music player featuring the show’s soundtrack.

On air, the ‘Get Stoked’ contest, running through Aug. 30, will also be promoted in key viewing blocks (7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Mon. to Sun.) and viewers who spot the weekly contest code and enter it on get a chance to win a weekly prize pack. They’re also entered into the grand prize draw for a family trip to Florida. (Teletoon VIP subscribers gain bonus entries for the contest, as well as a secret code word to use at any Teletoon ‘Get Stoked’ tour stop for a special Teletoon VIP prize pack.)

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