Canuck net Teletoon undergoes on-air makeover

As it celebrates 10 years on air, Toronto, Canada animation station Teletoon rebrands to forge stronger links with kid viewers.
February 7, 2007

The tin anniversary is as good a time as any to take stock. And as it celebrates 10 years on air, Toronto, Canada animation station Teletoon has decided to rebrand to better connect with its audience.

The result of an extensive brand audit, with input from professional design team as well as a youth advisory panel, the station unveiled its new self on February 5th, including an overhaul of its web portal,

Gone is the iconic smiley face and in its stead a dynamic three-dimensional T rendered in navy, gold and orange. The station’s ID spots now include peppy percussive beats with the logo transforming into various shapes including a fan that blows away green noxious fumes. If you haven’t guessed already, fun was the prime directive for the designers.

‘We wanted to make sure we had something that appealed to a wide demographic but didn’t alienate anyone,’ says Leslie Krueger, VP of Marketing for the network. ‘[The logo] is a character itself.’

The new look also clearly demarcates between the station’s daytime offerings like Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs and Spider Riders with its post-9 p.m. teen and adult fare. While the main logo will appear throughout all programming, the interstitials have been customized to better represent the time of day and the programming.

‘We basically changed the environment to better fix our content,’ says Krueger. ‘If you look at the 10-year-olds from 10 years ago and the 10-year-olds today, they are different – we wanted to reflect that.’

On the programming side, VP of programming Carole Bonneau says the new aesthetics won’t really change how she goes about filling the net’s sked.

‘We are still really focusing on the six- to 13-year-old now,’ she says. ‘And, of course, we are now always looking for content that will go across all platforms.’

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