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Classic games to hit the digital airwaves
May 1, 2005

Classic games to hit the digital airwaves

Interactive TV will take a stroll down memory lane this fall, when media tech firm PixelPlay adds four classic arcade games from Atari and four board games from Hasbro to its North American iTV platforms. KidsWise, available through satellite providers EchoStar in the U.S. and Bell ExpressVu in Canada, will run games including Scrabble, Monopoly, Centipide and Asteroids. The channel uses a proprietary technology called JIVE to provide its viewers with a multiplayer gaming experience using their remote controls. The first fully interactive kids channel in the U.S., KidsWise launched in late 2003 before rolling out in Canada last year. This fall, New York’s PixelPlay will be adding family-skewing games hub ClickerPlay to its channel lineup.

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