Kid Researcher Roundup: A guide to the experts

Audits and Surveys Worldwide
August 1, 2003

Audits and Surveys Worldwide

Location: New York, New York

Contact: Ed Bergstein, senior VP/director of Survey

212-627-9700 ext.1795

Services: ASW’s forte is ‘in-school’ research with tweens and teens. Other services include telephone, door-to-door and intercept surveys.

C&R Research

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Contact: Robbin Jaklin, president and partner


Services: Custom services – awareness and usage tracking surveys, concept and positioning testing, packaging and name testing, product testing (including in-home usage studies), ad testing, website evaluation and client-geared category surveys. Other services include quarterly trend survey KidzBeat and a monthly client omnibus.

Carrick James Market Research

Location: London, England

Contact: Carrick James, managing director


Services: Character tracking services (including a quarterly survey of 1,100 to 1,400 kids zero to 14, and a monthly survey of 650 to 800 kids seven to 14).

Child Research Services

Location: Great Neck, New York

Contact: Arlyn Brenner, VP and director of account services


Services: Focus groups; product, copy and concept testing; advertising, qualitative and quantitative research.

Langbourne Rust Research

Location: Briarcliff, New York

Contact: Langbourne Rust, president


Services: Qualitative and quantitative research including focus groups, observational studies, copy-testing, psychographic profiling and consulting services like workshops and seminars for kids marketers.


Location: New York, New York

Contact: Judy Harrigan, president


Services: Qualitative research including focus groups, mini-groups and ethnographic interviews, as well as quantitative studies (conducted via phone, on-line and at malls) that include product testing, packaging research, name research, positioning studies, concept evaluation and brand assessment. Kid specialties include packaged goods, television, magazines, fast food, games and toys.

Harris Interactive

Location: New York, New York

Contact: John Geraci, VP

Peter Silsbee, director of youth research

Services: Multi-client and custom research including on-line surveys and focus groups, as well as in-school interviews, brand image studies, concept testing and market share studies.

Market Facts

Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois

Contact: Iona Marty, president


Services: Custom quantitative studies.

Millward Brown

Location: Naperville, Illinois

Contact: Peter Teachman, account group director (Detroit)


Services: Brand equity assessment, brand tracking, copy testing, qualitative research and interactive web-based research.

NFO WorldGroup

Location: Greenwich, Connecticut

Contact: Tim Arnold, corporate marketing director


Services: Brand image, tracking and loyalty studies; concept and product testing; pre-recruited on-line and off-line panels.

Opera Group

Location: Norwich, England

Contact: Martyn Richards, director


Services: Qualitative (focus groups, pair depths, workshops and on-line groups) and quantitative (face-to- face, phone, on-line, self-completion surveys and a Europe-wide kids panel) research.

Roper Starch Worldwide

Location: New York, New York

Contact: Anita Dobin, marketing manager


Services: Syndicated, custom, quantitative and qualitative research services in the U.S. and globally. The Roper Youth Report is conducted annually based on in-person interviews with 1,200 kids six to 17.


Location: New York, New York

Contact: Robin Parker, VP of custom operations


Services: Syndicated and custom research with kids six to 11 and teens 12 to 17.

Statistical Research

Location: Westfield, New Jersey

Contact: Maura Clancey, VP of client services


Services: Proprietary research, qualitative services, ethnographic research, syndicated custom research.

Survey Sampling

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut

Contact: Christopher De Angelis, national sales manager


Services: Provides Internet and telephone samples to kid/teen survey researchers.


Location: Norwalk, Connecticut

Contact: Kristen Harmeling (

Angela Sugarman (

Michelle Poris (

Services: On-line survey (Nickelodeon/Yankelovich Youth Monitor) that studies the attitudes, values and behaviors of kids six to 17, culled through personal interviews with 1,200 kids.

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