KidThink: What today’s kids are thinking: Sports team clothing scores with kids

To help us keep up-to-date with what's happening with kids, we've asked Kid Think Inc., a youth marketing consulting group, to investigate and report back to us on a wide range of issues in kids' lives. Since today's kids spend so...
August 1, 1997

To help us keep up-to-date with what’s happening with kids, we’ve asked Kid Think Inc., a youth marketing consulting group, to investigate and report back to us on a wide range of issues in kids’ lives. Since today’s kids spend so much time on-line, Kid Think talked with kids via Live Wire: Today’s Families Online, a proprietary panel of 600 on-line families across the United States.

Both Kid Think and Live Wire are divisions of Griffin Bacal, a New York communications agency specializing in the youth and family markets. If you have any questions or have subjects you would like to see Kid Think cover, call Bob Horne at 212-337-6410 or e-mail

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This month, Live Wire went on-line to ask kids age eight to 12 what they think of clothing with sports-related logos.

What we found:

There’s no doubt that kids these days have active lives. In fact, 70 percent of the boys and 63 percent of the girls on our panel say they play in at least one organized sports league, so it’s no surprise that they like athletic wear. However, with so many options in the sports apparel market, the range of logo-emblazoned clothes worn by kids is diverse, and no single team logo stands out in the crowd.

The reasons for wearing these clothes are also diverse. Sean, age 11, from Massachusetts, says: ‘I like these items, because I remember the players, who are so good at the game they play. I also like showing people who I like in these sports. It is almost like I am cheering them on by wearing their stuff.’ Brittany, age 12, from Maryland, says that she likes to wear sports clothing with logos, ‘because it has to do with sports, and it shows that I am an athletic person.’

For some kids, though, logo choices are more random and don’t always reflect any one team preference. Evan, age 9, from Tennessee, points out that he wears a Chicago Cubs T-shirt, but adds, ‘I just like it, [even though] I am not a Cubs fan.’ Jessica, age 11, from New Hampshire, chooses comfort over team allegiances. She wears sweatshirts with the Celtics and Suns logos and a Charlotte Hornets hat. ‘I like them because they are comfortable.’ And Elliot, age 8, from Maryland, says he likes to wear a particular Florida Panthers shirt a red one with a panther in gold because ‘it’s cool looking.’

What kids said:

‘I wear Reebok sneakers, Champion sweatshirts and team shirts from the teams I’m on. Lots of them, so people know I play sports.’ Marissa, Massachusetts, age 8

‘I have a Nike and a Sonics sweatshirt. They look cool.’ Nick, Washington, age 11

‘I have one Dodgers shirt that is getting too small. I like it because the Dodgers are my favorite team.’ Caitlin, California, age 9

‘I wear two Pistons T-shirts. I just like them because I like the Pistons.’ Aaron, Michigan, age 11

‘I have one shirt with a Raiders’ logo on it. I didn’t get it because of the logo; it was a gift.’ Edson, Tennessee, age 9

‘I wear soccer clothes from Umbro. I like them because they are cool.’ Elliot, Maryland, age 8

‘I have T-shirts with the Chicago Bulls’ logo, sweatshirts with the Dallas Cowboys’ logo and a coat with the North Iowa Huskies logo. I wear them because I like the teams.’ Chris, Iowa, age 10

Next month: Kid Think will ask kids what they are doing to prepare to head back to school.

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