People in new jobs: Scott Webb, Senior Vice President, Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite TV Land On-line Network

Career at a Glance...
July 1, 1996

Career at a Glance

- Received a bachelor of arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

- Joined the advertising and promotions department at NBC Radio as an administrator.

- Worked as a writer, producer and production assistant for the Movie Channel, where he helped create promotional and interstitial programming.

- Joined Nickelodeon in 1984 as producer of on-air promotions.

- Became senior vice president and creative director for Nickelodeon’s on-air promotions. In that position, he led the redesign for Nick Jr.; named and packaged SNICK, the prime-time Saturday block; led the development of The Adventures of Pete & Pete; guided the on-air creative for Nickelodeon’s volunteer initiative ‘The Big Help’; and oversaw the creative direction of ‘Creative Lab,’ a program developed to bring characters, stories and formats to Nickelodeon’s on-air environment.

The New Job

- Appointed senior vice president, Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite TV Land On-line Network, and is responsible for establishing and directing the creative vision and business strategy for Nickelodeon’s on-line business.

The Challenge

‘Some of the challenges exist because on-line is a new business, and as in all new businesses, it’s imperative to make the right business decisions and seize the right creative opportunities. Nonetheless, my vision is to create a satisfying on-line experience for kids regardless of what their computer capability is.’

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