People in New Jobs: Mark Taylor,Vice President of Production, Columbia Tristar, Children’s Programming

Career at a Glance...
July 1, 1996

Career at a Glance

- Graduated from California State University, Northridge and obtained an MBA from UCLA.

- Worked as a chef and restaurateur for ten years.

- Began a career in animation at DIC Animation as chief financial officer.

- Entered the toy development business as vice president of Alchemy II.

- In 1988, joined Jetlag Productions, Inc. as executive vice president in charge of development, production, international co-productions, and domestic and international sales.

The New Job

- Appointed vice president of production for the start-up children’s entertainment division of Columbia TriStar, and is overseeing production for two animated network shows-Jumangi (UPN) and Project GeeKeR (CBS)-making their debut in the fall, and the pre-production for Dragon Tales (PBS) for 1997-98.

The Challenge

‘To establish a creative atmosphere in which top talent can flourish, to deliver innovative, exciting programming that will make its mark in a crowded marketplace, and to build animation assets for Sony that will stand the test of time.’

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