People in New Jobs: Tom Harbeck, Senior Vice President, Marketing and On-Air Promotion/

Creative Director, U.S. Television, Nickelodeon...
May 1, 1996

Creative Director, U.S. Television, Nickelodeon

Career at a Glance

- Received a BA in English from Trinity College and a master of education from Stanford University.

- Joined Chiat/Day in New York in 1984 as an account person and producer.

- In 1990, came on board as a producer at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising in New York.

- The next year, moved on to the position of vice president of creative services on-air promotion for TNT.

- Became senior vice president, marketing for TBS Superstation in 1992.

- In 1993, joined Nickelodeon as group vice president, consumer marketing and associate creative director for Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite. Was appointed senior vice president of marketing and associate worldwide creative director for Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite.

The New Job

- In this newly created position, Harbeck oversees Nickelodeon/

Nick at Nite and Nick at Nite’s TV Land on-air promotion, assumes the role of U.S. creative director for television and continues to manage all marketing activities for the Nickelodeon brands.

The Challenge

‘First, and most important, is to connect with kids regardless of the medium (that is, the back of a box, a premium or a sweepstakes idea). Each is an opportunity, regardless of size, shape or cost, to be a kid-driven experience consistent with Nickelodeon. Second, to create great ideas that kids want. Ideas for kids come before ideas for products or ancillary messages. Finally, to be consistent on-air, in-store, over the radio with a single relevant and compelling expression. Often, varying lead times and multiple creative groups make this the hardest. If we do all three, then everyone benefits from the awareness, interest and loyalty of kids to the idea that we and our marketing partners created.’

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