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Director, Consumer Products, USA Networks...
April 1, 1996

Director, Consumer Products, USA Networks

Career at a glance

- In 1988, graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in communications.

- Earned an MBA in marketing from Baruch College of New York in 1990.

- In 1991, joined Broadway Video Entertainment, the New York-based television production and distribution company that co-produces Saturday Night Live, as an assistant coordinator in the marketing department. Promoted to manager of marketing. Most recently, held the position of director of marketing, in which he developed strategic marketing plans and licensed Broadway Video properties such as Lone Ranger, Lassie, Saturday Night Live, Broadway Comics and Underdog.

The new job

- Named director, consumer products for USA Networks. Responsible for extending the brand identities of the Sci-Fi Channel and the flagship network, USA Network, through licensing targeted at consumers. He is part of the new USA Enterprises division (see page 7 in KidScreen’s March issue), which oversees book and magazine publishing, home video, retail consumer products, new media ventures and consumer promotions.

The challenge

- ‘The big vision is to become one of the industry’s leading licensors in entertainment.’ In the short term, Korfine is looking ‘to start a small licensing program just to further get the presence and the name Sci-Fi Channel out there, and enhance the retail presence.’

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