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Put seven metaphysical superher'es in the mix, add chunks of info and what do you have? In this case, a nice light snack....
February 1, 1996

Put seven metaphysical superher’es in the mix, add chunks of info and what do you have? In this case, a nice light snack.

This isn’t the DC Comics site. Spider-Man and the rest of the superhero posse hang out on America Online (AOL) where DC Online is located (the real goodies always cost extra). So what’s this site? It’s a showcase for AOL, DCO and Super Seven (S7), all at once, that’s what.

Wooo!! Walk into S7, and you’re rewarded with server push animation (online graphics that move) when the ‘O’ in ‘Sovereign’ g’es supernova and explodes. That is a nice use of the medium.

The site serves up solid content and cool features: The site-exclusive artwork, bits of plot, and character and creator bios are all dead on, albeit in a nouvelle cuisine-not enough of it-kind of way.

Another nice touch is a new chat service tied into Pathfinder, the Time Warner site. Heavyweights talk about neat subjects like astrophysics, geology, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Neat, as well as a nice reinforcement for subject matter in the books.

Comic book readers are a zealous lot, determined in their quest for information. They are experts at detail, and know everything there is to know about characters and plot. Like all kids, the more wisdom you can impart, the better.

Graphics here should be absolute madness, but they aren’t. They don’t really transfer the boom of the books, but salvation is found in the attached bits of info. Wicked graphics are needed to stimulate and would be well worth the wait.

Problem areas are a slow resolve in ‘the cafe’ and a ‘maze’ which is fairly uninspiring. A more fundamental problem though is the fact that there is very little to bring you back. Few updates and no dialogue, means no need to return.

Some chaos would be welcome. If it were a party, this site would be the shy, quiet guest; what it really needs is a lampshade and some encouragement in the news, reviews and previews sections.

There’s no reason why S7 can’t be outstanding in its own right. But even without all of the bells, it’s simplicity and content make for a nice refreshing cruise. A well done site, for sure.

Overall rating: rumbling

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