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Hellosaurus and NY Children’s Museum team up for interactive content

Three 2D-animated videos created by the museum's in-house artists will be released on the kids video platform this fall.
June 10, 2022

Merging art, culture and entertainment, New York’s Children’s Museum of the Arts (CMA) is developing new interactive content for kids video platform Hellosaurus.

Set to launch this fall are three 2D-animated videos (each one seven to 10 minutes long) focusing on themes such as art, family, nature, food and community.

The CMA exhibits more than 2,000 works of art made by children from 50-plus countries dating back to the 1930s. Current resident artists Ciana Malchione, Tati Ngyuen and Frank Traynor will each animate one of the videos in the collection.

In Malchione’s Fix the Fairytales (pictured), featuring a character named Sir Whiskers, kids can beautify an old book by mixing colors together.

Meanwhile, in the same vein as Pixar’s hit animated movie Turning Red, Ngyuen’s Impatient Kate will lean into themes of Asian-American family life. The concept’s namesake protagonist learns about patience from her grandmother and uses creativity to calm her need for instant gratification.

Lastly, Walker’s Forest Adventure from Traynor invites kids to join the titular character for a hike through the woods, observing the sights and sounds of nature, foraging for art supplies and building a fort along the way.

New York-based Hellosaurus is a subscription-based app for two- to eight-year-olds that specializes in interactive content that lets kids tap and swipe the screen to participate in stories more actively. Founded in 2019, the company has steadily grown its catalogue through collaborations with popular kid-focused creators such as Mother Goose Club and Laurie Berkner.

Australian music group The Wiggles also partnered with Hellosaurus last year to launch The Wiggles + You, a miniseries that engages kids with singing, dancing and problem-solving through touchscreen activities.

Image courtesy of CMA Artist-Educator in Residence Ciana Malchione for Hellosaurus.

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