Cartoon Network gears up for more Ben 10

The kidcaster plans to air the fourth season of its rebooted animated series globally in 2020.
January 10, 2019

CN has greenlit season four of Ben 10 and expects to start airing it globally in 2020. Currently in its third season, new episodes of the show are returning later this month in EMEA, followed by all other territories in March.

Produced by Cartoon Network Studios, the toon is about a 10-year-old boy who finds a watch that can transform him into 10 different aliens equipped with superpowers.

The kidcaster announced plans in 2015 to relaunch the series with a 40 x 11-minute first season, building on the success of the original Ben 10 show that premiered in 2006 and generated more than US$4.5 billion in global retail sales. The reboot kicked off in EMEA and Asia in fall 2016, before rolling out in the US the following April.

So far, the new Ben 10 has proven to be quite popular at retail; global master toy partner Playmates signed on to the consumer products program at launch and rolled out new products in the UK less than a year ago, including a range of Omni Lunch Battle Figures that start out as watches and transform midair.

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