Jetpack Distribution

London-based Jetpack Distribution rose above the rest this year, taking the top spot in distribution for the first time ever. CEO Dominic Gardiner says this recognition gives his team a sense of confidence and satisfaction because industry feedback isn’t always instantly received.
“We can always measure company performance financially, in terms of revenue and profit,” says Gardiner. “But the [peer] recognition gives us one of the best measures of how well we are doing. It lets us know what people think of us and our work.”
In terms of financial performance over the last year, Jetpack saw an uptick in sales for its content library (more than 1,400 half hours and counting), which contributed to 16% year-over-year revenue growth and an 18% profit increase.
As for the company’s catalogue—which includes YouTube hit Spookiz, Welcome to Cardboard City and Claymotions, in addition to development projects like Florida, Stella & The Starlets and Flora—it has grown by 12% since 2020.
In other accomplishments, Jetpack launched new YouTube channel Jetpack Kids; revamped its website with a dedicated buyers screening zone; and expanded its team with two new hires for Central Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa—regions that will be a focus moving forward.

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