Safety first

YouTube Kids refocuses on parental controls above all else

After a few of bumps in the road with inappropriate content, YouTube Kids bounced back hard this year. With more than 14 million monthly active viewers and availability in 43 countries, the AVOD giant took our top spot for the third consecutive year.

A lot of the app’s ability to rebound without taking a hit to its credibility with both parents and content creators is due to the amount of time it spent looking into the best parent control options, says Malik Ducard, head of family and learning. “We want to make the app better for parents and make sure that they have the controls they desire,” says Ducard. “But we’re always keenly listening to parents about what else we can do there.”

In the past year, the app rolled out collections (allowing parents to select from new groupings of videos and channels put together by the YouTube Kids team and trusted partners), a parent-approved mode and a new section for tweens so it can grow with that audience. “My son started using the YouTube Kids app very early on, and now he’s 10. What he wants now is very different from what he wanted when he was six,” says Ducard.

YouTube Kids isn’t slowing down any time soon, with plans already underway to continue the app’s expansion to more countries in more languages. And as always, staying relevant with kids is a primary objective.

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