Sinking Ship branches out with move to the big screen

This year saw Toronto’s Sinking Ship Entertainment sail into the top three in the production category for the first time. Its achievements in 2016 include nabbing 20 Daytime Emmy nominations—the most by any kids production company this year—and four wins.

It was also a memorable year for Sinking Ship because the company launched its first film division and premiered the hit movie, Odd Squad: The Movie. In spring 2017, the arm will launch another new kids film, Dino Dana, based on the existing TV series.

“The thing we’ve been trying to do ever since the company was created is bring as much in-house as we can. We started by bringing in post, then interactive and animation. And it really culminated last year with having a full-fledged distribution team,” says JJ Johnson, founding partner of Sinking Ship.

“For us, always looking to the next hurdle has served us well,” he says. “We are currently in production on Dino Dana season one, which will air next spring. We are negotiating season two, which will include the feature, so we’re hoping to have the movie in theaters by summer 2018.”

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