DHX Media holds strong

Jumping back into the top three on the strength of 70% production growth, and wider distribution that helped boost the company’s revenue by 15% for fiscal 2016, is Canada’s DHX Media.

The production growth comes as DHX has consolidated its animation and live-action operations under the newly rebranded content creation arm DHX Studios. With its brand-new 75,000-square-foot, Vancouver-based animation studio set to open its doors up in December, DHX Studios forged a number of revenue-sharing co-development and co-production partnerships with companies like Mattel, DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Iconix and Dentsu in the past year.

“We’ve continued our focus on increasing, at every possible turn, the quality of the things we’re making. We’re very proud of the breadth of our work, whether it’s Teletubbies and My Little Pony, or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Degrassi,” says the Steven DeNure, president of DHX Media.

He notes that one of the biggest challenges for a studio of this much depth is execution and partnering with the best talent for co-productions.
“Aside from just the footprint in Canada, we’ve been doing a massive amount of work in the UK with some truly talented people representing Darrell Macqueen, Kindle, Squint Opera and Ragdoll, to name a few,” he says.

2016 has also been a very good year for new broadcast and VOD deals spanning DHX Media’s full kids portfolio, including Degrassi: Next Class, Make it Pop, Supernoobs, Looped, The Deep, Inspector Gadget and The Other Kingdom.

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