Brave new waves: CN Digital launches micro-network

Cartoon Network Digital ramped up its multiplatform offerings in 2014 by becoming the first TV brand to debut a micro-network in app form. Cartoon Network Anything, designed specifically for small screens, serves up original short-form content in an almost roulette wheel-like fashion.
“It’s on the go, it’s bite-sized and it’s random,” says Chris Waldron, VP of Cartoon Network Digital. “It fits the, ‘Hey I’ve got a few minutes to play and the only device I have is this one.’ That was kind of the genesis of Anything—what would smallest network for CN look like.”
The network’s website also currently ranks as the #1 overall kids network site in the US, and in the top 10 for kids and boys two to 12, and has grown by more than 14% this year in terms of users.
Finally, CN Digital launched its first Multiplayer Online Battle Adventure (Adventure Time Battle Party) internationally, and its roster of 18 mobile apps, including its Webby Award Honoree Watch Cartoon Network app, have generated 106 million mobile game plays.

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