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  • Luiz Filipe Figueira, head of programming and content strategy for Globo Group’s kids unit, is on the hunt for animated and live-action content targeting kids ages six to 12 that can air across Gloob’s 24/7 linear channel and digital platforms, including the Globoplay VOD service and Gloob’s YouTube channel.

    For the flagship channel Gloob, he is searching for co-productions and pre-buy deals targeting kids six to nine. Action, adventure, humour (especially slapstick) and music-based shows are always a good fit for Gloob, but regional, live-action content is the current focus. Under local live action, the channel is also always searching for mystery-detective shows in the vein of Gloob’s long-running franchise Blue Building Detectives, as well as shows like the kidsnet’s first original sitcom Bugados (internationally titled Game Crashers). Gloob’s pipeline, though, is essentially covered until 2024, which means the team is on the hunt for series that will complement a 2024-2025 timeline.

    Gloob will, however, always take pitches and is looking for co-pros and pre-buys. When it comes to preschool channel Gloobinho, Figueira’s focus is on acquisitions. Fillers, non-dialogue series and one-off specials are all a good match. And whether pitching for Gloob or Gloobinho, collaborators should be ready to collaborate closely with the team and be prepared for significant feedback.

    Globo is investing in “meaningful content,” including shows that discuss gender equality, racial equality, social inclusion and environmental issues. Inclusivity is especially important, Figueira says, in order to properly serve Brazil’s diverse audiences. (According to Diversity Abroad, more than 50% of Brazil’s population identifies as Black, Asian or Indigenous.) It’s crucial that these topics be dealt with in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner, he explains, without losing the warmth and humour the broadcaster is known for.

    The team is looking to co-finance and make more international co-productions, with a focus on animation. The channel’s top priority at the moment is co-producing the fourth and fifth seasons of animated hit Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir with LA studio ZAG and Paris-based Method Animation.

    Gloob can also act as a licensing and merchandising partner and become an agent for new or established shows and brands. It can help creators from the development phase of a specific project to deal-making with key Brazilian partners in the toy business.


    Tatiana Costa
    General Director, Globo Group Kids Unit
    Luiz Filipe Figueira
    Head of Programming and Content Strategy, Globo Group Kids Unit


  • Six to 12-year-olds


  • 2D Animation
  • CG Animation
  • Live Action

How to Pitch

  • For pitches, please contact head of programming and content strategy Luiz Filipe Figueira at +55 21 99566 3819


  • Luiz Filipe Figueira:; +55 21 99566 3819


  • Game Crashers

Recent Acquisitions

  • Endlings
  • Nate Is Late
  • Odd Squad (season three)

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