Airwave Kids builds catalogue with four new titles

Since launching in February, its children’s division has acquired a total of nine podcasts highlighting topics such as history and science.
May 18, 2023

Airwave Kids, a new player in the podcast market, continues to buy up content for its startup children’s service. 

The podcaster has just acquired four series for its educational catalogue, including two podcasts from Chicago-based Soundsington Media. Targeting kids ages eight and up, Unspookable (pictured) focuses on the mysteries behind horror stories, myths and urban legends, while Reach features science tutorials and interviews with experts. Airwave Kids also picked up The Past & the Curious (seven and up), a non-fiction series created by author Mick Sullivan about historical figures and events; and Culture Kids (five and up), which explores different cultures, languages and traditions.

Airwave’s kids and family division launched in February with titles including Eric O’Keeffe’s What If World, Tumble Media’s Tumble Science Podcast for Kids and Sleep Tight Media’s Sleep Tight Stories, Sleep Tight Relax and Sleep Tight Science.

Airwave is based in California, and its 80 podcasts—largely focused on history, science and wellness—are available on major platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music.

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