Magic Frame and Creation team up for fairy tale sequel

Adding to their growing slate of collaborations, the two prodcos are joining forces to co-produce a follow-up to 2021 Netflix pic Secret Magic Control Agency.
May 16, 2023

Magic Frame Animation and Creation Entertainment Media are mining classic fairy tales for their latest film project Secret Magic Control Agency II: Mission Sleeping Beauty (pictured), which builds on a popular CG-animated Netflix movie from 2021. 

When it was released, Secret Magic Control Agency ranked among the global streamer’s top 10 most-watched movies, according to a release. (Russian studios Wizart Animation and CTB produced the first film with LA’s QED International, and Creation worked on the sound design/mixing and audio production.)

Like the original pic, this sequel will center on undercover agents Hansel and Gretel—tasked this time around with saving a certain princess from her enchanted slumber.

The project is currently in production, with Alex Tsitsil’in (The Snow Queen 2) directing and Sefi Carmel (Another World) attached as a music composer. Actively seeking distribution partners, Magic Frame (based in Cyprus and the UK) and Creation (based in London) are presenting it at the Cannes Film Festival this week.

The companies previously teamed up to co-produce 2D-animated series Buddybots and a collection of Christmas-themed mystery films based on the Paul Martin books by Georges Alexander Vagan. Last month, they announced the development of a family-friendly space adventure flick called Aliens FC.

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