Star Wars lightspeeds into the TCG market

Fantasy Flight Games will begin rolling out Star Wars: Unlimited to retailers worldwide in 2024, with three new card sets per year planned.
May 10, 2023

Trading card game giants Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! are about to get some new competition from a galaxy far, far away. Minneapolis-based Fantasy Flight Games is partnering with Lucasfilm to develop a brand-new card game based on Star Wars. 

A first 200-card set for Star Wars: Unlimited should roll out to retailers worldwide in 2024. Every card will feature new artwork showcasing the iconic sci-fi franchise’s heroes and villains, drawing from its long history in movies, TV series, comics and video games. Sets will also include cards with alternative artwork and holographic designs to appeal to collectors.

Fantasy Flight plans to expand Star Wars: Unlimited with three new sets of cards each year. And to help build a community around the game, the company will organize tournaments ranging from weekly matches at local game stores to larger-scale competitions worldwide. 

Since acquiring the card, miniature and role-playing game license for Star Wars from Lucasfilm in 2011, Fantasy Flight has published several board games based on the IP, including role-playing game Star Wars: Outer Rim (2019) and collectible dice and card game Star Wars: Destiny (2016). 

Fantasy Flight first broke into the TCG space in 2018 with an original game called KeyForge. And it was acquired last June by Minnesota-based board game company Ghost Galaxy.


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