Hasbro to bring back plastic toy packaging

Consumers made it clear they want to see products before they buy, and so Hasbro is adding back windows and blisters back to its action figures, but with a sustainable twist.
April 10, 2023

Less than a year after introducing plastic-free packaging, Hasbro is reintroducing clear plastic windows and blister packs to all of its action figure lines—but it’s returning to the material with sustainability in mind. 

Hasbro’s new blisters and windows will be made from Bio-PET plastic, which is made up of biodegradable plant materials, such as fruit and vegetable peels. The company says the move allows it to maintain its goal of reducing its manufacturing waste and use of virgin plastics.

The toyco removed its clear windows in 2022 in a push to eliminate all plastics from its toy packaging. Hasbro is rolling back the decision following negative feedback from consumers and collectors who wanted to see the products before the purchase.

Plastic packaging will return to many of Hasbro’s action figure brands later this year, including Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series and Power Rangers Lightning Collection. This will expand to all new six-inch toy releases in 2024.

According to Australia-based Minderoo Foundation’s 2023 Plastic Makers Index, factories produced more than 139 million tonnes of single-use plastic waste in 2021, up 6 million tonnes when compared to 2019. And recycling is failing to scale fast enough, with companies using 15 times more single-use plastics than recycled ones in 2021. 

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