Co-viewing parents are driving what kids watch

Half the time kids spend watching content is a co-viewing experience with parents, who are keen to see more positive role models on screen, according to Kids Industries.
February 24, 2023

The latest Global Family Study released by London-based Kids Industries shows with crystal clarity that co-viewing is king.

In an online survey spanning 10 countries (including the US, the UK, Brazil and South Korea), the research firm canvassed 5,000 families with kids ages four to 13 in January 2023. Almost three-quarters of parents (73%) said that at least half the time their kids spend watching content is a co-viewing affair. That’s a big shift from pre-pandemic times (circa 2019), when 74% of parents said they co-viewed at least once a month. 

Themes that parents identified as desirable included: positive role models, opportunities to have fun, problem-solving, real-world explainers and imagination/fantasy. 

According to the study, the average family has five TV subscriptions, and kids are pretty much split between watching linear TV and streaming. Just over half of them (53%) reported watching linear TV at least once a week, compared to 55% who streamed that often. 

But the content journey isn’t starting on either of these platforms. YouTube is the number-one place where kids are most likely to discover new content, followed by recommendations from friends and family, ads on VOD platforms and linear TV ads. The study also found that YouTube has major brand discovery power. Half of the kids surveyed said they find new brands and products through the platform, more than any other path. 

Image courtesy of Alexander Dummer via Unsplash.

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