YouTube content still dominating kid device usage in America

EXCLUSIVE: KidsCorp surveyed 3,500 US kids and teens and found they love influencer videos and apparel based on their fave movies and video games.
February 23, 2023

KidsCorp has taken a new temperature read on how US kids spend time on devices, and unsurprisingly, YouTube content continues to occupy most of their usage. 

The Argentina-based research firm surveyed 3,500 kids and teens ages three to 18 in Q4 2022 and found that when they’re on devices, 68% watch videos on YouTube, 58% play video games, and 46% watch content on VOD platforms. 

The resulting report, 10 Key Facts to Engage with Kids and Teens Consumers in the US, goes on to say that on YouTube, 39% of the survey group watch TV shows, 33% watch influencer videos, and 32% listen to music. Overall, kids and teens said they are most attracted to YouTube content that offers fun, unboxing, music and tutorials.

When they play video games, most do so on consoles such as Wii, Nintendo and PlayStation (31%) or on their cell phones (20%). The game brands the three main age demos engage with the most are Minecraft (three to five), Roblox (six to 12) and Call of Duty (13 to 18). 

The study also found that eight out of 10 kids and teens are quick to buy products related to the movies and video games in their lives. Their favorite category is apparel, followed by toys, movies, computer games and magazines/comics.

While about 51% of kids and teens ask their parents (or someone else) to buy them something they’ve seen on screen, 65% have their own money. And brand owners should offer kids an online shopping option, since the report noted that 44% of them prefer to make purchases this way.

Photo by Shashank Verma on Unsplash

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