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Why WBD’s new Warner Pass is a smart move

The company’s partnership with Amazon Prime Video to bundle its channels will boost French viewership and give it a leg up with families—which have a higher average disposable income.
January 16, 2023

Bundling is the latest trend in family-friendly streaming, and Warner Bros. Discovery knows it. The company has teamed up with Amazon Prime Video in France to bundle its channels, and this strategy could give consumers a lot more bang for their buck, says Ampere senior analyst Fred Black

Unveiled last week, Warner Pass is a new bundle of WBD channels including Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Boing, featuring kids series such as Teen Titans Go! (pictured), We Baby Bears, Tom & Jerry and Thomas & Friends. Family-skewing Discovery Channel and Eurosport are also part of the package, along with classic shows and new HBO series.

Offering so many channels in one place—and for one price—is a recipe for success when it comes to reaching families, Black tells Kidscreen

Families have a higher average disposable income and use a lot of devices at home—laptops, tablets and smart TVs—so they’re more likely to have multiple screens showing different content simultaneously, he says.

In general, bundling strategies make good business sense, allowing services to meet the needs of different age groups across multiple devices through a single, simplified billing relationship. “Bundling services are well-placed to take advantage of the diverse content demands of family homes,” says Black.

Beyond helping Warner Bros. Discovery build its kids and family audience regionally, Black adds that the content packaging also provides a quick-fix to Amazon Prime Video when it comes to improving its offering for French consumers. 

Amazon Prime is currently the fourth most popular streaming service in the country, after YouTube, Netflix and MyTF1. Around 42% of French households reported watching Amazon Prime in the last month. But the platform has a long way to go to catch major rival Netflix, which had a 63% penetration. 

Warner Pass will be available to Amazon Prime members through a separate subscription starting in March.

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