Hasbro cooks up a new master toy deal for Easy-Bake Oven

Florida’s Just Play will launch new ovens, recipes and accessories for the 59-year-old brand in 2024.
December 7, 2022

Just Play’s licensing portfolio just got a little sweeter with a new master toy deal for Hasbro’s classic Easy-Bake Oven brand. 

The Florida-based toyco is working on a new range of ovens, recipe packs and accessories that will launch at retail worldwide in 2024. The classic toy lets kids combine water and simple ingredient packs to bake cakes, brownies and cookies in a miniature working oven. 

Kenner Products, which merged with Hasbro in 2000, first launched the Easy-Bake Oven in 1963. New iterations of the toy have rolled out regularly ever since, and to date, Hasbro claims it has sold more than 30 million ovens and upwards of 150 million recipe packs. 

This master toy deal with Just Play is part of Hasbro’s new strategy to increase profits by 50% over the next three years by licensing out its nostalgic toy brands to new partners, among other tactics. Earlier in November, Basic Fun! signed a global master toy deal for Hasbro’s archived Littlest Pet Shop brand; it plans to release a new range of collectible critters, playsets and accessories worldwide in 2024. 

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