BBC Children’s unveils a fresh batch of commissions

From a shark camp, to a documentary about an indigenous child in Peru, the pubcaster has added 10 new educational projects to its content pipeline.
October 17, 2022

BBC Children’s has ordered three new kids factual entertainment series for CBBC and CBeebies, as well as commissioning another seven My Life documentaries.¬†All of them will premiere next year.

First up in the just-greenlit column is live-action series Treasure Tales (30 x 14 minutes) from UK-based Screen Glue. Aimed at kids ages zero to six, this series follows two friends who discover new stories as they find lost treasures such as a mysterious hat, pages from a diary and a telescope.

Another commission has gone to Deadly Mission Shark (10 x 30 minutes) from BBC Studios, which dives into the popularity of the ocean’s deadliest predator. Aimed at kids ages seven and up, this live-action series features eight children at a shark sanctuary/camp in the Bahamas, where they dive to learn up close about the challenges sharks face and how to help protect them.

And the pubcaster is celebrating its home turf with OZT Goes Wild in Britain (five x 22 minutes) from Bristol-basedTrue To Nature. Targeting kids ages seven and up, the show stars real-life brothers Aaron, Tyler and Cam, who travel across the country in their electric car to get up close and personal with British wildlife and champion conservation projects.

BBC has also commissioned seven new half-hour docs to be part of its My Life series that will launch on BBC iPlayer. The new projects are My Life: Child of the Wild (Big Deal Films), My Life: Leaving Home (Drummer Television); My Life: I Won’t Stand for It (Tigerlily 2 Productions); My Life: Jamie’s Cornish Cove (Twenty Twenty); My Life: Rapping for Change (Clover Films, pictured); My Life: To be a Boxer (ChatterBox Media); and My Life: Eva’s Having a Ball (FreshStart Media).

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