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Nostalgic brands drive WildBrain’s 12% full-year revenue jump

Deals for Caillou and new Degrassi and Teletubbies series have boosted the company’s revenue for its fiscal 2022.
September 14, 2022

Refreshing old brands with new content has helped Toronto-based WildBrain achieve a 12% year-over-year increase in its full year revenue to US$384.7 million (CAD$507.2 million).

Streaming deals such as its multi-year partnership with NBCUniversal’s Peacock to reboot preschool series Caillou (pictured) and the Teletubbies reboot for Netflix were a big boon to the studio this fiscal year. HBO Max also picked up the entire Degrassi library and gave the greenlight to a new Degrassi series (although production on this is paused amid WarnerMedia’s ongoing reorganization) These deals increased the company’s content production and distribution revenue 12% to US$156 million.

Licensing and new products for the Peanuts franchise bolstered the company’s fiscal 2022 consumer products business, which climbed 16% to US$154 million.

Revenue for WildBrain’s YouTube network Spark increased 21% to US$42 million for the full year thanks to increased ad revenues. Videos on Spark hit 8.3 billion views in Q4 2022 Through its Spark business, the company’s videos hit 8.3 billion views in Q4 2022, compared to 6.6 billion views in Q4 2021.

In August, WildBrain hired former Disney and DreamWorks exec Jim Fielding as its first-ever chief marketing and brands officer to grow its IPs. Fielding will combine the company’s brands and marketing teams, and oversee its work in building brands into 360-degree franchises.

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