Toymaker Scentco targets a ‘sleepy’ new category

The scented toy company is shifting focus with the launch of Bedtime Defenderz, a new IP anchored in plush and eyeing a content rollout.
August 16, 2022

Sniffable toy specialist Scentco is heading into the kids bedtime category with the launch of a new IP that will start in plush and then move into content.

Bedtime Defenderz features five superheroes who live in Snoozeland and fight against villains seeking to sabotage the peace and calm of bedtime. The debut toy range includes five 10-inch plush dolls wearing belts that glow for 15 minutes in the dark and snap bracelets that kids can use to pretend-talk with their toys.

Retailing for US$29.99, each plush also comes with a 20-page comic book that sets up the Bedtime Defenderz storyline. The line hit shelves on August 15 and is available through independent stores in the US, as well as on Amazon and Scentco’s website.

The launch was also supported by a CG-animated video running on Scentco’s YouTube account, produced by Nashville-based Armada Company (owned by Magnetic Dreams, PK Pictures and NuMynd Studios). Scentco president Chris Coté says the goal now is to expand the Defenderz story into full-fledged content, and the company is seeking production partners to help with that expansion.

Based in Hong Kong and the US, Scentco was founded in 2001. Its portfolio of scented playthings and accessories includes plush toys, Smillows pillows, play dough sets and stationery products like notebooks, markers and crayons. Bedtime Defenderz is its first unscented toy range.

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