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Roblox to stream a full season of Spin Master’s Bakugan: Battle Planet

Marking an important first, all 100 episodes of the anime series' first season will be available to stream on the gaming platform, expanding on last year's single-ep drop.
August 5, 2022

As the metaverse business continues to establish itself, Spin Master and Roblox are planting their flag there with a major first for both brands.

Starting today, Roblox is rolling out the first season (100 x 11 minutes) of Bakugan: Battle Planet, the latest series based on Spin Master’s popular anime franchise. Four to six episodes will drop every week through Spin’s Bakugan hub (pictured) on the platform.

This marks the first time that a complete season of a TV series will be available to stream on Roblox, according to Spin Master, which last year released a single episode of Battle Planet and attracted 2.7 million users on the platform ahead of season three’s Netflix premiere.

Streaming TV content on Roblox is one step further toward the seamless integration of kids entertainment content, keeping these fans in one place while offering different channels of engagement. But challenges are starting to emerge, illustrated this week by Roblox’s lawsuit against Hong Kong-based toyco WowWee for alleged misuse of its proprietary IP.

Spin Master is continuing to push its brands out into new distribution channels. Today, it was announced that PAW Patrol is heading to the library of audio player Yoto, where young kids can listen to stories alongside physical cards that function like audiobooks. Two PAW Patrol cards will go on sale August 11, each containing seven licensed stories that represent 40 minutes of total play time.

Spin is also gearing up to launch six Bakugan-branded digital Roblox gift cards that will hit retail in September. The cards unlock special content such as access to new Bakugan characters on the platform, as well as a “Genesis Dragonoid” piece of virtual apparel that can be worn in other Roblox hubs.

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