Roblox files lawsuit against My Avastars creator WowWee

Roblox claims the toyco violated the gaming platform's terms of service and copied the design of Roblox's characters in several videos promoting the My Avastars dolls.
August 4, 2022

Roblox has filed a lawsuit against Hong Kong-based toyco WowWee for allegedly violating the gaming platform’s terms of service and selling toys based on its IP.

Before the lawsuit was issued, Roblox sent WowWee a cease-and-desist letter in June and threatened legal action against the toyco if it continued with the launch of its upcoming My Avastars toy line. In response, WowWee says it voluntarily disassociated the toys from the Roblox platform.

The first wave of My Avastars fashion dolls are slated to hit shelves across North America in Walmart, Target and Macy’s in October. However, Roblox is seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent WowWee from producing and selling them.

Each My Avastars doll comes with two outfits and more than 50 stickers that kids can use to customize its appearance. Packaging also includes a DLC code to upload all of the toy’s accessories into the My Avastars: RP game within Roblox, which was built by WowWee and LA-based developer Gamefam. 

In the filing against WowWee, Roblox claims the toyco has admitted to copying the blocky design of Roblox’s classic avatars to create and sell dolls in several TikTok videos promoting the My Avastars toy line. The gaming company further explains that unlike its master toy partner Jazwares, WowWee did not seek a license for Roblox’s original characters or IP, and misled consumers to believe the toys were sanctioned by Roblox.

In a media statement, WowWee alleges that Roblox changed its terms of use a week after My Avastars was announced, and that Roblox’s allegations are “completely meritless.”

WowWee and Roblox are not providing any additional comments at this time.

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