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Hot Wheels ollies into fingerboards with Tony Hawk

Mattel's flagship toy car brand has partnered with the skateboard legend to make its upcoming line of fingerboards and playsets appeal to a wider audience.
July 27, 2022

Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand is partnering with iconic skateboarder Tony Hawk on its first line of fingerboard toys and playsets.

A first wave of Hot Wheels Skate products will launch in Walmart stores across the US next month. Single boards and multi-packs feature original designs from the Hot Wheels creative team, along with mini replicas of several iconic skateboards Hawk has used throughout his career.

The toy line will also include a pair of shoes that clip onto the boards so people with less experience can learn the physical mechanics of performing tricks. According to a release, Hawk hopes this will help make the sport accessible to more people around the world.

Hot Wheels has also forged a deal with Hawk’s LA-based company Birdhouse to release 100 limited-edition skateboards through the Mattel Creations online store. Signed by Hawk, these life-sized boards will┬ácome with a matching Hot Wheels Skate fingerboard for US$350.

Earlier this month, Hot Wheels partnered with Microsoft to release a Hot Wheels-themed expansion pack for tracing game Forza Horizon 5. Since its rollout on Xbox game consoles and PCs last November, the game has reached more than 15 million players online, according to Microsoft.

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