Monster Shaker

DeAPlaneta and GO-N team up for Monster Shaker

The companies are mixing up big plans for the book-to-TV adaptation, which sees a kid and his sister deal with the comedic consequences of unleashing crazy monsters into everyday life.
June 28, 2022

It turns out cocktail shakers are not just a handy tool to mix drinks—they can also unleash monsters into the world.

Spanish prodco DeAPlaneta and Paris-based GO-N Productions have inked a deal to co-produce and distribute a new animated series based on that unlikely concept, called Monster Shaker.

The 2D-animated series is an adaptation of the book series of the same name by Mr Tan and Domecq Mathilde from French publisher Éditions Gallimard.

Monster Shaker (52 x 13 minutes) sees nine-year old Justin stumble upon the extraordinary powers of his grandfather’s cocktail shaker, which allows him to create hilariously crazy monsters. Justin takes advantage of the opportunity to experiment and even uses the monsters’ abilities in everyday situations. But eventually, he and his older sister Gwen have to save the day—and the only way is to get the monsters back in the shaker.

Aimed at kids ages six to 10, the zany comedy is slated to release in France in 2023. The series will launch on TV with select episodes also releasing on YouTube.

DeAPlaneta and GO-N are also developing key initial categories for a CP line based on the series. The categories include shaker toys as well as collectible cocktail shakers that feature the monsters.

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