WildBrain Spark hops on board Sunny Bunnies spinoff

Poland's Animation Café is tuning up a musical offshoot of the popular preschool series, and the AVOD platform is getting on board as a co-producer, in addition to continuing to manage the Sunny Bunnies YouTube channel.
June 23, 2022

AVOD network WildBrain Spark has joined forces with Poland’s Animation Café to produce an upcoming spinoff of CG-animated preschool series Sunny Bunnies.

Sunny Bunnies Sing-Along (26 x 2.5 minutes) is headed into production soon, and the first episode is scheduled to premiere in August on the Sunny Bunnies YouTube channel (2.8 million subscribers).

Its titular characters are five light-emitting creatures that take the form of orange, pink, purple, blue and green bunnies. They live on the sun but travel to Earth using the sun’s rays and can go wherever there is any kind of light. Their adventures take them to places like amusement parks, museums and sports stadiums.

In the new spinoff, the gang comes up with a different “bunnified” nursery rhyme in every episode, and Michael Mennies (The Fixies) has been tapped as the project’s music producer.

Sunny Bunnies first launched on YouTube in 2015 and was picked up the following year by Disney Channel, Disney Junior and DisneyNOW for US audiences. A total of six seasons have been produced since, and the show is now airing in more than 160 countries on platforms such as Sky Kids, Kidoodle.TV and Amazon Prime.

The spinoff comes on the heels of a change in ownership for the IP; Animation Cafe took over the brand from Belarussian prodco Digital Light Studio earlier this year. London-based distributor Media I.M. continues to manage global sales for Sunny Bunnies, and it will take on the spinoff as well. The company has also extended an agreement with WildBrain Spark, which will keep managing the Sunny Bunnies YouTube channel for the next five years.

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