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Sesame Workshop & HiHo Kids launch YouTube collab

Two co-branded Kids Meet with Sesame Street episodes aim to introduce young viewers to diverse professional athletes like Samantha Lopez, a dancer who uses a wheelchair.
June 14, 2022

Sesame Workshop is looking to expose kids to diverse pro athletes in a new partnership with YouTube-focused prodco HiHo Kids.

The companies are working together on two co-branded episodes of HiHo’s Kids Meet series in which Sesame Street residents meet athletes from diverse backgrounds, including Samantha Lopez (pictured), a dancer who uses a wheelchair, and Ryneldi Becenti, the first Indigenous American WNBA player.

The first episode launched yesterday on the Sesame Street YouTube channel (which has 22.9 million subscribers), and episode two will drop on July 18.

HiHo Kids (5.1 million subscribers) specializes in creating funny videos featuring kids doing challenges, playing games and trying new things (like getting brain freeze for the first time).

The Kids Meet with Sesame Street episodes are part of Sesame’s broader Coming Together initiative, which is aimed at helping kids build a sense of identity and belonging. The nonprofit company previously produced a short-form Word of the Day series with Warner Bros. Discovery to teach kids about topics such as fairness and diversity.

In other news, Sesame launched a new app yesterday called Learn with Sesame Street in collaboration with edtech company HOMER. Available on the Sesame Street website, it focuses on teaching kids about emotions while they learn basic math, literacy and critical thinking skills through games, stories and music videos.

The app costs US$4.99 a month, and comes with access to HOMER’s learning activities, offline activities and resources from learning experts. Sesame invested in HOMER parentco BEGiN in 2020—as part of a US$50-million funding round—with the goal of creating a “breakthrough digital experience” through the partnership.


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