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Mondo taps Ravensburger for Bread Barbershop

The German puzzle and games maker is readying a new 2023 CP range for Italy featuring the show’s cast of sarcastic and silly food characters.
June 9, 2022

Mondo TV Group has signed a licensing deal that will see Ravensburger release several new product lines based on CG-animated comedy series Bread Barbershop in the Italian market.

The German manufacturer will produce puzzles, memory games and paint-by-number sets inspired by the show’s cast of anthropomorphic desserts and culinary ingredients. Set for release in 2023, these new SKUs will be available at retail throughout Italy, including bookshops, stationery outlets and online marketplaces.

Bread Barbershop is produced by Korea’s Monster Studio and targets kids ages six to nine. It centers around master craftsman Bread Pitt, who uses his renowned cake-decorating skills to give life-changing makeovers to his customers.

The series debuted in Korea on KBS and Tooniverse in 2019, and was picked up by both Netflix (international) and Amazon Prime Video (North America) in 2020.

In Italy, Bread Barbershop airs on Discovery Italia’s free-to-air K2 channel (2020) and pay-TV net DeA Kids (2022); it’s currently the number-one show with four- to 10-year-olds on both channels, according to a release. Season one (39 x seven minutes) and season two (26 x 11 minutes) are on air now, with a third season (26 x 11 minutes) due to drop later this year.

Early on during the pandemic, puzzles and board games were a massive trend in consumer products, and Ravensburger’s US sales climbed 31% to US$405 million between 2020 and 2021. The company also saw the average age range of its customers drop from 50s to early 30s in a matter of weeks.

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