Guru launches True on Cameo

The cartoon star of True and the Rainbow Kingdom is debuting on the popular celebrity messaging platform, and she's the first CG-animated character to do so.
June 8, 2022

Step aside, celebrities and influencers! There’s a new personal video message option in town, and it’s none other than the lead character from Guru Studios’ CG-animated series for Netflix, True and the Rainbow Kingdom.

The Toronto-based studio has signed a deal with Cameo to make custom greetings from True available on the app in order to help kids celebrate milestones like birthdays and back-to-school, and also deliver uplifting messages based on moments from the show .

True and the Rainbow Kingdom debuted on Netflix in 2017, and it currently airs in more than 100 countries on the streamer and linear TV channels such as the CBC in Canada and Rai YoYo in Italy.

Guru teamed up with Texas-based Aquifer to produce the True assets for Cameo; this involved animating the character’s body with 3D tech and using AI to create voiceovers or AR videos.

In a similar move, Mattel partnered with Cameo to bring Thomas the Tank Engine to the platform in November 2021. According to a recent Variety article, Cameo offers video messages from over 45,000 celebrities. The platform and its talent share the revenue from each video’s sale, with a reported 25% going to Cameo and the balance to its host.


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