Spin Master and 6ix Academy launch diverse fashion illustration kit

The Truly You! Character Creator aims to teach kids ages eight and up the values of diversity, representation and inclusion through creative play.
June 1, 2022

Toronto-based toyco Spin Master is partnering with Canadian arts program 6ix Academy to create a fashion illustration set that aims to promote diversity and inclusion through play.

Designed for ages eight and up, the Truly You! Character Creator launched exclusively on Amazon today (June 1) and retails for US$19.99. Inspired by templates used in fashion design, kids can use one of nine double-sided plates to dress up six characters in a variety of outfits, and then trace the outlines on a blank sheet of paper with a rubbing crayon.

Each character comes with a collectors card that outlines their unique identity, background and interests—the set includes an Indigenous fashion designer and a Muslim beauty influencer, for example.

The kit also comes with 11 colored pencils and a storage case so kids can take it on the go.

Spin Master is the latest company to tap into a significant consumer demand for more inclusive products. Mattel is rolling out a new range of Barbie dolls this month that feature hearing aids, prosthetic limbs and other unique characteristics.

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