Aardman’s Wallace and Gromit IP enters virtual reality

The classic stop-motion characters' first VR adventure, The Grand Getaway, will roll out in 2023 for Meta Quest 2 headset users.
April 29, 2022

UK-based Aardman Animations and French AR/VR developer Atlas V are teaming up to co-produce Wallace and Gromit’s first virtual reality experience.

Funded by Meta’s VR headset division Meta Quest (formerly Facebook’s Oculus Quest), The Grand Getaway is a single-player experience that will launch in 2023 exclusively via the Oculus store.

The game takes place during Wallace and Gromit’s summer holidays, when a rocket ship mishap throws the duo off course from reaching their vacation destination.

New and returning fans of the classic stop-motion IP will have an opportunity to step into the world of its eponymous main characters, interacting with them in hilarious ways and actively impacting the new story as it unfolds, said Aardman managing director Sean Clarke in a press release.

Finbar Hawkins and Bram Ttwheam are co-directing the project for Aardman, with support from Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park and creative director Merlin Crossingham.

This is the brand’s second mixed-reality experience; Aardman and Bristol-based AR developer Fictioneers released The Big Fix Up in 2021.

Wallace and Gromit will return to screens in 2024 in the franchise’s latest feature-length film (still untitled) from Netflix and the BBC.

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