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Kidoodle.TV launches on interactive Miko 3 robot

The AVOD’s entire catalogue of children’s programming and originals is now available through the interactive robot’s Miko Max subscription service.
April 25, 2022

AVOD Kidoodle.TV is launching on Miko Max, a content subscription service for the interactive toy robot Miko 3, which hit retail last November.

Miko 3 uses AI technology to adapt and learn from kids’ emotions and behaviors while they play and talk to it. Aimed at five- to 10-year-olds, the robot also offers curated games and content designed to improve its users’ educational experience at home.

Kidoodle.TV shows such as Booba (3D Sparrow), Talking Tom Shorts (People Moving Pixels) and T-Rex Ranch (Moonbug Entertainment) can now be streamed ad-free using the toy’s high-resolution display.

After launching on popular streaming platforms such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV, Kidoodle. TV is embracing the next wave of kids entertainment media options by partnering with Miko, according to Daniel Riddell, CTO of A Parent Media Co. (Kidoodle.TV’s parent company) in a release.

In addition to Kidoodle.TV programming, Miko Max offers access to more than 50,000 hours of content from featured partners such as AVOD Da Vinci Kids, games developer Kidloland and children’s yoga app Cosmic Kids!. The robot’s lineup covers a range of topics including puzzles, coding lessons, exercise and TV shows.

Miko Max subscriptions start at US$49 for three months or US$99 for a full year, and new content is being added to the platform monthly.

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