Amazon Kids+ expands into original games with pocket.watch

The two companies spring-boarded from a Super Spy Ryan animated special to bring another "first" to the streaming platform: a multiplayer game based on the popular Ryan's World franchise.
April 14, 2022

Amazon Kids+ has teamed up with LA-based pocket.watch to launch its first original mobile game, Super Spy Ryan.

Available starting today on Amazon’s kid-focused subscription streaming service—which features TV shows, books and educational apps—the new multiplayer game sees the eponymous star of Ryan’s World taking a turn as an adventurous spy. To play, two kids are randomly paired as a team and have to work to rescue stolen presents while avoiding capture by a dastardly villain.

The game builds on 2020′s Super Spy Ryan animated special (pictured), which was the first piece of original content from Amazon Kids+, and also a co-pro with pocket.watch. Amazon supported its debut with a range of consumer products (including action figures and goggles). The game is also free to play from the Apple and Google Play app stores, but kids playing it on Amazon Kids+ get additional content.

Natasha Lipovac, global head of content and international at Amazon Kids+, says the company wants to offer “every possible spoke in the franchise wheel” to its partners, and this mobile game demonstrates its commitment to expanding brands with a wide variety of content.

Earlier this month, Amazon Kids+ recruited former Henson exec Sarah Maizes for a senior creative executive of original content role, and the company is exploring partnerships with brands that have high franchise potential in music, animation, toys and video games.

Pocket.watch has also been investing in the gaming space lately, launching a new in-house division devoted to the sector in January 2019. Chief marketing and franchise officer Kerry Tucker says the company is considering launching brands as video games first before expanding them into TV shows or consumer products. That’s a big shift from its traditional approach of building out from YouTube star-driven shows. “From new projects with Ryan in the metaverse, to mobile games, we have potential for new experiences that encompass all the ways kids want to play with brands,” says Tucker.

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