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Mattel And Lucasfilm launch new Star Wars shorts and plush

Younger-skewing Star Wars Galactic Pals content and toys are launching today at and Target, featuring fan-favorite characters teaching important life lessons.
April 13, 2022

Mattel and Lucasfilm are collaborating to bring aged-down versions of characters from a galaxy far, far away to younger fans with the launch of their Star Wars Galactic Pals animated shorts and plush toys today.

The 12 x two-minute micro-shorts are streaming exclusively on, with two episodes releasing every Tuesday until April 26. The first two are up now and center around a new member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts named M1-RE (or “Miree”) as she studies and cares for young aliens/creatures such as an angry Wookiee and a shy Ewok. Additional eps will debut later this fall.

Star Wars Galactic Pals is a spinoff of Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures, which aired in 2021 on and focuses on droid SF-R3 (also known as Aree), who journeys to new planets to learn everything he can about wildlife in the Star Wars universe.

“Building on the success of Aree’s adventures educating the viewer about the creatures of the Star Wars galaxy, we saw an opportunity to showcase some of the galaxy’s younger inhabitants as well,” according to Lucasfilm’s Jason Stein (creative executive of animation development and production) in a press release.

By learning more about each species she encounters, Miree hopes to help each youngling realize its potential by teaching them things like how to express themselves through music, the importance of maintaining bedtime routines, and deep breathing exercises.

“With each short, Miree shares her knowledge with wit, charm and humor that aims to inspire curiosity and interaction,” says Steins. “Miree’s positivity invites fans to engage with these younglings, while celebrating what makes them each unique and loveable.”

Mattel’s initial wave of Star Wars Galactic Pals plush toys is available today at Target and focuses on younger versions of fan-favorite Star Wars creatures such as Wookiees, Ewoks, Jawas and Rodians. More plush SKUs are planned for release later this year.

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