Sinking Ship’s Dino Dana set to stream in China

The Canadian paleo-adventure series will land later this year on Youku, which is working to diversify its kids and family catalogue with new content.
April 12, 2022

Alibaba Group’s Youku streaming service will air Sinking Ship Entertainment’s live-action/CG hybrid series Dino Dana in China later this year, as set out in a new deal brokered by Singapore-based distributor Bomanbridge Media.

The 52 x 22-minute series created by J.J. Johnson (Endlings, This is Daniel Cook) is already airing in global markets such as Australia (ABC TV) and LatAm (Nat Geo).

Based in Beijing, Youku has picked up seasons one and two of the Emmy-winning show. In a release, Bomanbridge CEO Sonia Fleck said the streaming platform was interested in Dino Dana as a means to diversify its kids and family catalogue. It also builds on Youku’s recent acquisition of another dino-focused international series, Cyber Group Studios’ Gigantosaurus, which became a top-ranking title on the SVOD  following its 2019 debut.

Dino Dana is a follow-up to Sinking Ship’s flagship Dino Dan series, and tells the story of an adventurous 10-year-old paleontologist-in-training who takes her love of dinosaurs to a whole new level as she imagines them into reality with the help of a Dino Field Guide book. The show has recently spawned a feature film and a new consumer products line that includes an audiobook and AR dino figures.

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