Artkive adds NFT services to its DTC business

After a decade creating physical keepsakes that celebrate children’s artistic creations, Artkive is ready to digitize—and educate families on how they can, too.
April 7, 2022

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) retailer Artkive is getting into the non-fungible token (NFT) market with a new service that digitizes kid-generated designs in the blockchain and provides educational tools to help its customers understand the technology.

Since 2012, the LA-based company has run a DTC operation that converts kids’ art into personalized photo albums or framed mosaics. This new business strategy will take a digital approach to the same art preservation hook.

Being adjacent to the art business, Artkive co-founders Jedd Gold and Jeff Lipp sensed that NFTs were not just a popular new investment opportunity—the technology was also highly compatible with their company’s mission.

“With nearly 20 million pieces of kid art saved over the past 10 years, it was a natural progression for us to help promote the intersection of art and technology,” says Gold.

The creation of NFTs involves a process known as minting, which converts an artwork into a unique digital asset on the blockchain. For US$99, Artkive will photograph, light and mint between one and 10 pieces of design, and then upload them onto the company’s page in NFT marketplace Opensea. Ownership is held by the client, rather than by Artkive or Opensea.

From Mattel to Funko, many kidcos are exploring NFT technology and products right now, familiarizing younger and younger demos with blockchain technology, and experimenting with business strategies in the space. Artkive is going the extra mile and aiming to become the go-to educational resource for kids and parents, including a simplified explanation of how the blockchain works in its packaging.

That said, customers who prefer physical products such as books and framed mosaics will not have to worry, says Gold; the company is not planning to discontinue that line of business.

“The hardest part about getting involved in a burgeoning new space is that things are moving and changing so fast,” he notes. “Everyday it feels like there are new offerings, best practices, innovative concepts and technology being built. We have chosen to focus on being a resource for families to help them navigate this shifting landscape.”

Still wondering what an NFT is? Check out this explainer.

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